HG G-81933

Photo Track Finder HG G-81933

Track Finder

The Track Finder HG G-81933, in combination with the steering sensor HG G-19330, allows the testing of guidance wire loops in the ground.

The frequencies can be selected via three switches on the front plate. This selection depends on the frequencies available in the steering sensor. The variants of the steering sensor and the corresponding frequencies are shown in the data sheet HG G-19330. The height of the steering sensor above the wire and the current result from the values given in the data sheet HG G-19330 as well.

HG G-81933 Operating Controls
Operating Controls

The Track Finder HG G-81933 contains two analogue measuring instruments with corresponding scale markers:

  1. Sum shows the field strength around the wire. The maximum field is above the center of the guide wire.
  2. Difference shows the deviation of the sensor from the center position.

In between the scale markers there‘s the LED „Detekt“. This LED indicates that the guide wire has the correct current and frequency.

The steering sensor is connected via an 8 pin circular connector on the front plate. The device is powered by an internal 24 V lead battery which may be re-charged with a 24 V battery charger.


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