HG G-50875

Loop filter HG G-50875-A

Loop Filter / Blocking Filter for Combinations of Energy Track and Guide Wire

If an energy track (20 kHz, 25 kHz or 141 kHz) is used in combination with a normal inductive loop (guide wire, frequency in the range of 5 .. 10 kHz) it can happen that the energy track induces a voltage into the guide wire loop. This voltage results in a current in the loop that can influence the generator‘s current regulation or – in extreme cases – destroy the generator.


In order to reduce this unwanted current the blocking filter (loop filter) can be connected in series to the loop. The loop filter can be adjusted to the energy frequency via a customizable inductivity.


  • Blocking filter for energy track and guide wire
  • Casing for top hat rail mounting
  • Configuration of capacity, frequency and serial resistance via switches
  • Variants for common energy tracks
  • Energy frequency adjustable


  • HG G-50875ZA: Energy frequency 20 kHz
  • HG G-50875YA: Energy frequency 25 kHz
  • HG G-50875XA: Energy frequency 141 kHz


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