HG G-19330

Photo HG G-19330

Guidance Sensor

For track guiding automated vehicles, inductive systems have proven to be reliable. In order to be able to meet the system requirements with regards to the accuracy, several guidance sensors have been developed.

Our Standard Guidance Sensor HG G-19330 is powerful and inexpensive at the same time. It uses a cross coil system for the detection of the horizontal and vertical field line components. The output voltage proportional to the vertical field line components is a measure for the lateral deviation (difference signal). This output is valid for constant wire current and constant distance between the sensor and the guide wire. Spindle potentiometers within the sensor enable adjusting five important parameters.

Via the 3 inputs (3 bit; F1 to F3) one out of eight possible frequencies can be selected. In addition, the Guidance Sensor includes a squelch for the sum voltage (corresponds to the horizontal field component). It outputs a zero level, whenever the sum voltage underruns a certain value. This enables the detection of a guide wire.

Because of its extremely favourable price, the Guidance Sensor HG 19330 is very well suited for “Low-Cost“ AGV Concepts, while offering state-of-the-art guidance features.


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