1. Data Protection / Privacy
    • If users of this Website are requested to enter personal or business information (contact request: e-mail addresses, names, addresses), they do so on a strictly voluntary basis. Only a name and possibly a current e-mail address are required to send the form. All other entries are optional. None of the data entered is disclosed to third parties and such data is used exclusively within the Company to answer the enquiry.
    • No registration is required anywhere on the Website to use it. Cookies are sometimes placed which we do not use to analyse user behaviour. The only purpose of such cookies is to make usage of the Website more convenient, e.g. by saving the status of the directory tree in the navigation bar on the right in the multimedia area. By placing cookies, we also enable all users to activate/deactivate the tracking function (see next point).
    • Note: Our videos are embedded from our YouTube channel, the maps are provided by Google Maps. Even though we try to prevent the setting of tracking Cookies from YouTube, both services might try to set Cookies on your PC. In order to prevent this, disable third-party Cookies in your browser, depending on your browser and version you can limit this to the server Generally speaking you can use the website with Cookies deactivated in your browser.
  2. Website Analysis (Tracking)
    • We monitor the use of our Website with the Open Source Software Matomo. The data remains solely on our German servers ( and we have set-up Matomo in such a way that the visitor's IPs stay anonymous. We also changed the setting of our provider Hosteurope so that the automatically generated Apache Logs are anonymized as well.
    • The Matomo tracking from happens solely on our own servers and It is not possible to use it from other servers, so we can't track you on other web pages and no one else can track you on our web sites.
    • In case you want to fully disable our tracking nonetheless you can use the opt-out script from our Matomo server. Note: In order for our server to successfully store your setting you need to allow the server to set a Cookie in your browser. Since we're on this is a third party server for your browser.