Product Archive

Note: The systems and devices listed here are no longer available for new projects.
All documents for discontinued products can be found in our archives. They are available for our customers who are still using older products.

Transponder 13.56 MHz

Steering Controller for AGV


HF Wireless Data Communication Transceiver 500 mW

HF Wireless Data Communication Transceiver 10 mW

Radio Modem For General Use And Expansion

Fixed Station Radio Modem

Radio modem for the wireless, bidirectional transfer of data

WLAN Radio Modem

WLAN-Clientadapter for 802.11 a/b/g

WLAN radio modem for 802.11 a/b/g / 2x Ethernet / USB

Hand Held Radio Terminal

Vehicle Mounted Radio Terminal

RDS Service Generator (old)

Gyroscope / Gyro (old)

Steering Antenna

Track Guidance System for Inductive Guidance of Outdoor Vehicles

Transponder Antenna — 1-dimensional / indoor

Control Unit (old) / current Version

Inductive Modem

Radio Modem with Profibus Interface

Container Location Tracking using DGPS

DGPS Positioning and Automatic Steering of Gantry Cranes (RTGs)

DGPS Positioning of Straddle Carriers (SC)

Inductive Proximity Warning System

Radio System

Inductive Track Guidance System