HG G-19300 (old)

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Photo HG G-19300

Steering Antenna

For guiding unmanned vehicles inductive systems have proven to be an excellent choice. In order to meet the requirements of such systems with regards to accuracy, various steering antennas have been developed.

Steering antenna HG 19300 is a very affordable high performance device. It uses a cross coil system for the assumption of horizontal and vertical field lines. Output voltage, which is proportional to the vertical shares of field lines, is a measure for lateral deviation. Those output values are valid for constant wire current and constant sensor height above the guide wire.

Spindle potentiometers within the antenna enable setting four parameters. In addition the steering antenna houses a detector assembly (squelch) for sum voltage. This detector assembly will output a zero level whenever the sum voltage exceeds a certain value. It enables detecting whether or not a guidance wire is available.

Due to its extremely competitive price and its extraordinarily lareg variety of possibilities, steering antenna HG 19300 is especially suitable for so-called low-cost AGV concepts.


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