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Configuration Files for our Transponder Devices and Systems

Photo HG 70610

Transponder (Balise)

Foto HG 70640

Transponder Reading Antenna (Balise)

Foto HG 70650WA


Photo HG 70652


Photo Transponder HG 70653ZA


Photo HG 70661

Transponder 13.56 MHz

Foto HG 71325


Photo HG 98860

2-dim. Positioning and Identification Antenna Outdoor

Serial/Parallel Interface HG G-06150

Serial/Parallel Interface

Photo glass transponder HG G-70633 (is delivered with a Silicone cover, not shown in the photo)

Glass Transponder

Photo Marking Nail Transponder HG G-70654

Marking Nail Transponder

Variant HG G-71455ZA, 409 kHz, Profinet & USB

Transponder-Antenna serial | Profibus | CAN-Bus | Profinet | USB

Photo HG 71912

Positioning and Ident Interpreter for Offset Antennas — One-dimensional / Indoor

Photo: Transponder Antenna HG G-71915

Transponder Antenna 1-dim. | CAN-Bus | Profinet | USB

Photo HG G-81830

Transponder Reader / Programmer

Photo transponder programmer HG G-81840

Transponder Programmer

Photo HG G-98760

Positioning and Identification Antenna — 128 kHz, Outdoor

Foto HG G-98780

Positioning and Identification Antenna — 13,56 MHz, one-dimensional, outdoor

Photo HG G-98810

1.5-dimensional Positioning and Ident Antenna — Outdoor

Transponder Antenna HG G-98820ZA

1.5-dim. Positioning and Identification Antenna CANopen®

Photo antenna HG G-98830YA

2-dim. Positioning and Identification Antenna with CAN / CANopen®

Photo HG 98850

1.5-dim. Positioning and Identification Antenna Outdoor

Photo HW DEV00033

Transponder 125 kHz

Photo HW DEV00095

Transponder 128/64 kHz

Photo Transponder HW DEV00127

Disc Transponder 125 kHz (KATE)

Photo transponder HW DEV00130

Flat Disc Transponder 125 kHz (KATE)