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The system uses frequencies in the range of 128 and 64 kHz (they are below the long- wave radio).
The Transponder Reader supplies Transponder with energy via an alternating electromagnetic field of 128 kHz. This effects induction of a voltage inside the transponder’s coil. The generated current is sufficient for energizing the built-in micro chip. The Transponder then returns its code to the antenna at half this frequency (full duplex operation). The normal reading cycle, including all checks takes approx. 50 ms.

The system is functional through flu- id, gaseous and solid material, as long as not metal is involved. In case the transponder is mounted directly onto or into metal surroundings, the reading distance as well as the signal for positioning will be influenced.

Read-Write-Transponder (RW)

The Transponder code is stored inside an EEPROM, that is capable of more than 100.000 programming cycles. The EEPROM has eight blocks of 32 Bit each. 20 Bit are available for user data.

Application examples Automation Technology

  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) for outdoor use
  • Guidance of heavy load vehicles
  • Positioning of Container Cranes (RTG, RMG, STS)


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