HG G-70654

Photo Marking Nail Transponder HG G-70654

Marking Nail Transponder

Main Features

  • Transponder for positioning systems for automated guided vehicles (AGV)
  • Indoor/Outdoor, IP 67
  • Protective casing, can be driven over by vehicles with a maximum wheel load of 4 t
  • Reading distance 150 to 250 mm (depending on antenna, see table on backside)
  • Operating frequency: 128/64 kHz
  • Mounting by gluing the casing onto the ground/roadway
  • R/W Transponder that can be re-programmed when mounted

Functional Description Marking Nail Transponder HG G-70654
Functional Description

The system utilizes the frequencies 128 kHz and 64 kHz, which are lower than the long-wave radio range. The transponder-antenna wirelessly supplies the transponder with energy by using an alternating field of 128 kHz. This induces a voltage within the coil of the transponder, which generates a current that is sufficient power supply for the micro chip.

Using the induced energy the transponder transmits its code in full duplex mode at half the antenna‘s frequency. The antenna receives the code while the transponder is within its field. A normal reading cycle including all security checks is approximately 8 ms.

The system’s operability is guaranteed through fluid, gaseous as well as solid material. However, if mounted directly on or within metal, the transponder’s reading distance is influenced.

Read-Write Transponder (RW)

The Read-Write Transponders are equipped with an EEPROM in which the code is stored. The EEPROM may be rewritten up to more than 100.000 times.

Application Examples from the Automation Industry

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV):

  • Positioning
  • Track Guidance
  • Identification


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