HG G-98810

Photo HG G-98810

1.5-dimensional Positioning and Ident Antenna — Outdoor

Note: This antenna in an earlier version used to be the main part of the system HG S 71720. The system number is now deprecated, please use the information on this page instead.

The antenna is designed to be used for positioning and/or trackguiding vehicles. All important parameter settings, calibration and updates are carried out via an integrated serial interface or CANopen®.

Antenna HG G-98810-C utilizes an antenna concept, which has a larger reading area with a linear transponder positioning function. The antenna is so-called 1.5 dimensional, meaning that it outputs the Transponder code as well as the linear deviation rectangular to the direction of travel as well as the information „Before transponder“, „Crossing of the transponder“ and „Behind transponder“.

The antenna is available in two variants that have different serial interfaces, both have CAN:

  • HG G-98810ZC: RS 442 / CAN
  • HG G-98810YC: RS 232 / CAN

Götting transponder systems have a consistent output format, which enables the user to configure additional system information. This additional information, for example, may be used by an external visualization system (e.g. vehicle control unit with display) and enables statements regarding the condition and availability of antennas and transponders.


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