Velodyne LiDAR ®

Velodyne LiDAR ® is a leading provider of high-resolution 3D laser sensors. The company delivers key components for the automation of material handling and storage techniques. With its 3D measuring systems Velodyne LiDAR ® offers a flexible alternative compared to popular 2D sensors that have been used to automate industrial applications for e.g. pallet trucks or fork lift trucks.


Point cloud of a 128 channel scanner, © Velodyne LiDAR ®

Götting is system integrator for Velodyne LiDAR ® laser scanners and supports its customers when they want to integrate them into indoor and outdoor applications. Additionally Götting is reseller of Velodyne LiDAR ® scanners for the region D-A-CH.

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If you need support while integrating LiDAR scanners into your projects please contact our technical sales.

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Here you can find an overview of Velodyne LiDAR ® scanners, that you can obtain from Götting (only in the region D-A-CH).


Further information about the company Velodyne LiDAR ®: