HG G-98870

Photo Transponder Antenne HG G-98870

1D Transponder Antenna with Continuous Localization


  • Transponder antenna for continuous position measurement on e.g. RMGs
  • Outdoor use, IP67
  • For use with passive transponders (128/64 kHz)
  • Internal transponder list
  • Continuous position output (always at least 1 transponder and max. 2 transponders in the detection range)
  • Output of absolute position in X-direction (direction of travel)
  • Output: CAN/Ethernet
  • Reading distance: 130 to 210 mm (depending on transponder)
  • High accuracy
  • High crossing speed
  • Visualization of operating status by LEDs

Functional principle Transponder Positioning with Antenne HG G-98870Functional Principle

The transponder antenna HG G-98870 determines the longitudinal position of a vehicle or crane by continuously detection of passive transponders installed on or in the ground (depending on the type) under the antenna.

When a transponder is crossed, the antenna induces a supply voltage into the transponder and receives the unique transponder code in response. At the same time, the position of the transponder relative to the center of the antenna field is measured.

Using the transponder position data stored in the antenna processor (transponder list), the absolute longitudinal position of the antenna.


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