HG G-76330 (old)

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Photo HG G-76330

Radio Modem with Profibus Interface

The radio modem allows wireless, bidirectional transference of data (transmitting and receiving). This enables an “on-line” connection to be established with a mobile device. The user of the radio modem can issue instructions (e.g.: recording of goods in stock, sales order processing) and protocol the order handling. The input and output of data takes place according to the programming of a fixed station computer (control center; e. g. PC).

The radio modem is computer controlled. Customized adaptations for user software, user identification and management of the target group is feasible without any problems. The radio modem consists of a radio device and a processor. The processor is equipped with the appropriate software, supervising data transference and providing safe data transmission.


  • Profibus DP- Slave according to DIN E 19245 T3 (up to 12 Mbaud)
  • Profibus address adjustable in the device or programmable via interface
  • Up to 127 participants per channel
  • Net data length from 1 to 200 byte freely selectable per telegram
  • Data consistency during transition from Profibus to radio interface is guaranteed
  • Parameter interface RS 232 for PC connection
  • Radio protocol compatible to HG 76100 or HG 76300
  • Applicable in steady-state operation and mobile operation
  • Any combination of HG 76300 (serial interface) and HG 76330 (Profibus) is possible
  • GSD data file will be supplied - S7 - sample program available


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