HG 76420 (old)

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Sketch HG 76420

Vehicle Mounted Radio Terminal

The radio terminal allows wireless, bidirectional transference of data (transmits and receives). This allows an "on-line" connection to be made to either a central computer (fixed station) or a mobile participant. The user of the radio terminal can demand instructions from the central and return the appropriate data (e.g. stock acquisition, perform commands, etc.). The entry of data may be done by using either the keyboard or a barcode reader. For supervision, the data — or rather control text — is shown on the display.

The radio terminal is computer controlled and permits a customer specific adaption of key and display functions; for example user identification, menu guided display masks etc. The vehicle terminal consists of a radio device and processor with appropriate software which supervises data transference giving safe data transmission. This system is frequently used for transport vehicles (including AGVs). For the vehicle's status, various input and output media (e.g. terminals) can be supplied.


  • Data acquisition
  • Storage positioning
  • Data collection
  • Inventory
  • Command processes
  • Remote control
  • Possibly also as a vehicle control unit


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