HG S 89500 (old)

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System Components

Inductive Track Guidance System

Track guidance systems allow vehicles without drivers to move along a current carrying conductor.

In contrast to the optical track guidance (e. g. dark line on a light coloured surface) the inductive method has the advantage that it is not sensitive to oil, dirt, tyre abrasion etc. Thus their use has gained acceptance in harbours and industrial plants. Reference frequency and current as well as lateral separation and height from guide conductor can be selected from a large scope of variants.

Some sensors also have a microcomputer, which substantially increases output performance and the comfort while using the device. This track guidance system is mostly used for the operation of in-company transport. Increasingly buses (public transport), special vehicles (tunnel) and cars (for test coliisions) are also being fitted with inductive track guidance systems.

An inductive system typically consists of four components (guidelines can be downloaded here).

Typical System Variants

  1. Generator HG 57400 Steering Antenna HG 19300 no Steering Controller
  2. Generator HG 57500 Steering Antenna HG 19510 Steering Controller 731x0

The ground equipment has to be installed by the customer.

System Tasks

  • Generation of an alternating magnetic field along the guide conductor
  • Detection of the magnetic field components
  • Calculation of lateral offset (x) to guide conductor
  • Output of control variable


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