HG G-57500

Photo inductive frequency generator HG G-57500-D

Frequency Generator

When it comes to track guidance of driverless vehicles, inductive systems are the most reliable. In order to fulfil the demands of various applications, many generators have been developed. The frequency generator HG 57500-D generates an AC current in a conductive loop for track guiding Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV). The generator HG G-57500-D is compact and cleanly built. It was constructed to be particularly easy to service. Contrary to its extensive performance, the frequency generator HG G-57500-D definitely has an extremely low price which conforms to the “Low cost“ AGV concept.

Functional Description

The board in Eurocard format (width 6 TE) hosts two independent generators with power amplifiers and a transformer for dc-decoupling. Its frequencies are stored in an internal EPROM and may be selected using either the 16 position HEX switch or external inputs (i.e. PLC). The frequency generator has minimal power dissipation and a high efficiency factor due to its Class-D power amplifier.

Both loop currents undergo voltaic conversion through a different transformer, are therefore separately adjustable and are set to give a constant output level. Short circuit and circuit breaks will be detected and indicated by the LEDs on the front panel. Additionally the frequency generator is capable of so-called stacking, that means that both internal generators can be connected in series. With stacking a loop can be fed with double impedance.


As optional accessory 19“ racks for up to 5 frequency generators are available, HG G-93160-A with and HG G-93161-A without power supply unit (see device description).


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