HG G-19535

Photo track guidance antenna HG G-19535ZC

Inductive Track Guidance Antenna | Multifrequency | Outdoor

Main Features

  • Inductive track guidance antenna for AGVs
  • To be used with track-units (interpreters) HG G-73350/HG G-73351
  • Multifrequency, guide wire frequency range 3 to 25 kHz
  • Reinforced fibre glass casing (IP65, fully sealed) for outdoor operation
  • 4-pin M12 connector for the connection with the track-unit

Functional Description

For track guiding of automated guided vehicles (AGV), inductive guidance systems have proven to be very reliable. A frequency generator feeds a current into a guidance wire installed in the ground. Along this wire an alternating magnetic field is generated.

Sketch connection example guidance antenna HG G-19535-C
Connection example

The guidance antenna HG G-19535-C detects the horizontal (sum) and vertical (difference) components of the magnetic field by a specific set of coils. It then outputs Usum and Udifference to the track-unit (interpreter). The track-unit interprets the data and filters out the set frequencies.

The antennas are pre-calibrated so that an output voltage of 1 Vpp (corresponding to 12000/6000 units in the interpreter HG G-73350/HG G-73351) is output as a maximum at 100 mA wire current and 60 mm reading height.

In the case of multi-frequency systems, the output voltage must not exceed 5 Vpp, otherwise the interpreter will be overloaded (e.g. max. 5 wires/frequencies of 100 mA each at 60 mm reading height).

When ordering, please specify for which wire current and which reading distance the antennas are to be calibrated, if the required values deviate from the standard values mentioned above.

HG G-73350 / HG G-73351


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