HG G-19534

Photo HG G-19534

Inductive Track Guidance Antenna | Outdoor | Analog Output

Main Features

  • Inductive track guidance antenna for AGVs
  • Glass fibre reinforced plastic casing (IP65, fully sealed)
  • 8 fixed default frequencies from the 5,000 ... 12,000 Hz range with dynamic selection of active frequency via 3 digital inputs (Fsel 1-3)
  • M3 connector with matching plug (incl. cable sleeves 10-13 mm; 13-16 mm)
  • Analog output Uref (0 ... +10 VDC), Upos (-10 ... +10 VDC)
  • Digital output Udetect (0 / +24VDC)
  • Antenna sensitivity and output adjustable by 5 potentiometers
  • Available for different wire currents, reading heights and frequency set-ups

Operational Description

19534 Connection Plan
Connection Plan

For track guiding of automated guided vehicles (AGV), inductive guidance systems have proven to be very reliable. A frequency generator feeds a current into a guidance wire installed in the ground. Along this wire an alternating magnetic field is generated. The inductive antenna detects the horizontal and vertical components of the magnetic field by a specific set of coils.

When moving the antenna perpendicularly over the guide wire two characteristic voltages are induced. The Uref (sum voltage) shows a bell shaped curve with a maximum directly above the wire. The Upos (difference voltage) shows maxima at both sides of the wire and falls to zero directly above the wire.

19534 Induced Voltages
Diagram: Voltage curves

The two output voltages can be used to determine the lateral deviation of the antenna from the wire. For a simple steering function connect Upos to the steering drive using a P-controller.

The digital Wire-Detect output switches to +24 VDC if the induced Uref voltage exceeds an adjustable threshold. The wire detect signal is often used to stop the AGV in case it drives off the track.

The downloadable data sheet below lists available variants (frequencies, reading height) and shows how to mount and adjust the antenna.


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