HG G-19333

Photo HG G-19333

Guidance Antenna for Inductive Power Transmission — Profibus-DP

Guidance antenna HG G-19333 was especially developed for FTS facilities, which use inductive power transmission in such a way that the available ground installation is also used for track guiding vehicles. The guidance antenna consists of three systems with one cross-coil antenna each. Each of these systems generates one “Detect” signal and two output values for the measured sum and difference signal that are proportional to the horizontal or vertical components of the magnetic field. In addition to this in a working area of max. ±40 mm at nominal reading height the two values for sum and difference voltage are used to calculate and output the actual offset (in millimeters) from the nominal track.

By using three antenna systems, branching from the main course is made possible. The three antenna systems work synchronously and their measured values are permanently cyclically transmitted via Profibus and via the serial interface. The decision which of the signals is to be evaluated at a particular time is carried out by the vehicle controller.


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