HG G-73350 / HG G-73351

Photo HG G-73350ZB

Interpreter for Inductive Track Guidance

For the connection of 2 antennas / interfaces: CANopen® HG G-73350 & Profibus HG G-73351

The interpreter allows the connection of two guidance antennas. The interpreter includes two identical channels with an independent filter frequency setting. Data output is carried out over via CAN-bus or Profibus (see Variants). For CAN a CANopen® protocol is implemented (Device profile DS 401). Parameter setting is processed via a serial interface using a standard terminal program (e.g. Hyperterm) or via the various Service Data Objects (SDOs) of the CANopen® protocol.

Variant Interface
HG G-73350ZA CAN-Bus / CANopen®
HG G-73351ZA Profibus

The interpreter is a component for track guidance systems with guide wire for Automated Guided Vehicles. The interpreter detects the deviation from the guide wires laid in the ground by means of the antennas mentioned above and transmits it to the track guidance system of the vehicle. Based on the transmitted values the guidance information can be calculated

System Components

The interpreter can be operated with the following guidance antennas:
HG G-19200 HG G-19535


The interpreter is exclusively planned for track guidance systems with a maximum speed of 1 m/s without any passenger transportation. The connected antennas will be monitored for a correct operation as well as for wire breakage.