HG G-20960

Photo HG G-20960ZA

Connection Box M12-5-8-USB

For devices with 5 or 8 pin M12 connectors and USB

Main Features

  • Connection capabilities for one of the compatible antennas (see below) via standard M12 cables and connectors
  • Power supply of the connected antenna
  • Output of the antenna signals via clamping blocks and M12 connectors (A coded, 5 and 8 pin)
  • USB socket for connecting the antenna with a computer (configuration)
  • Casing for top hat rail mounting

Compatible Devices (Selection)

  • HG G-19370
    nductive Guidance sensor, multi-frequency, 5 to 36 VDC (operation)
  • HG G-71455
    Transponder antenna, 5V USB (configuration), 18 to 36 VDC (operation)
  • HG G-84300
    Gyro, 10 to 30 VDC (operation)


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