Prime Minister Stephan Weil on site in Röddensen

Mr Götting and Mr Weil

Lehrte, 12.02.2020 – The Götting KG welcomed the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, Stephan Weil. Prime Minister Stephan Weil has a tour called Weil vor Ort where he regularly travels through Lower Saxony. This time he visited companies with a connection to artificial intelligence AI and chose the Götting KG among others.

The video shows impressions of this visit. The Götting KG presented their freely navigated small AGVs KATE and a teleoperated tractor, which means it was remotely controlled from a different place via a live video stream. The speeches in the video are from Prime Minister Stephan Weil, the head of our Advanced Development Sebastian Behling and our CEO Hans-Heinrich Götting.

Contact persons: Mr Gregor Wallbaum, Technical Sales International and Mr Jan-Hendrik Pecksen, Sales KATE



Götting Quick Guide Last updated: 04/2023

Götting KG founded in 1965, ist an innovative company placed in Lehrte near Hannover (DE) and works worldwide.The company develops and produces wireless data communication systems and sensors for automatic track guidance of so-called automated guided vehicles (AGV). As far as we are informed Götting KG has the largest product range of different components for trackguiding AGV.

Further main topics are traffic technology, RF measuring, wireless data communication in general as well as customized developments for car manufactureres, electronic- and radio broadcasting industry. Currently our company employs 90 professionals of which about 30 are experienced masters in engineering and are responsible for research and development.

The core competency of FOX – a special department of Götting KG – is focused on the automation of serial vehicles, especially for the outdoor area (trucks, pay loaders, fork lifts etc.).