HG G-98630

Photo 2D Magnet Localization Sensor HG G-98630YA
Note: This product is currently under development and cannot be ordered. The data given are preliminary.

2D Magnet Localization Sensor | CAN | CANopen® | PROFINET®


  • Magnet sensor for automated guided vehicles (AGVs)
  • 2-dimensional detection of the position of magnets under the sensor
  • Installation position/orientation of the sensor under the FTF can be individually selected by adjustable output coordinate system and magnet pole detection
  • Output of travel direction (standard 0 – 360°, scale selectable)
  • Real-time sensor diagram for checking and visualization of the magnet position
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, bus interface depending on the variant CAN/CANopen® or PROFINET®
  • Output of a positioning pulse (PosiPulse) as a digital switching output and via CAN bus
  • Configuration via Ethernet with web browser (Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge and others)


  • HG G-98630YA: CAN/CANopen®
  • HG G-98630XA: PROFINET®

The 2-dimensional magnetic sensor is used for navigation/tracking of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) based on magnet points in the ground. The two-dimensional position detection also makes it possible to navigate omni-directional vehicles on a magnetic grid.

98630 Principle sketch mounting and connection options
Example: Connection Plan

As soon as a magnet is in the detection range of the sensor, the relative position of the magnet in X and Y direction is calculated and output via the bus interface.

Furthermore, a PosiPulse is output as a digital switching output and via the bus interface. The PosiPulse triggers when the perpendicular to the direction of travel passes through the origin of the sensor and the magnet.

The reading area of the sensor is 150 x 112 mm. The reading distance between the magnet and the sensor depends on the magnet used.

The area around the magnet sensor as well as the detection range should be as free as possible from moving and immovable magnetic and ferromagnetic metals and undesired magnetic fields, as these affect the accuracy and range of the sensor.

All settings, calibrations and software updates required for operation are made via the web interface.


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