Velodyne LiDAR HDL-64E

High Definition Real-Time 3D LiDAR

Key Features

  • 64 Channels
  • 120m range
  • Up to ~2.2 Million Points per Second
  • 360° Horizontal FOV
  • 26.9° Vertical FOV
  • 0.08° angular resolution (azimuth)
  • ~0.4° Vertical Resolution
  • User selectable frame rate
  • Rugged Design

Real-Time 3D LiDAR

The HDL-64E S3 is Velodyne’s high resolution and performance LiDAR sensor product that supports single or dual returns. Similar to its predecessor, the S2, it captures high definition, real-time 3D information about the surrounding environment. It is ideal for applications such as autonomous vehicle navigation, 3D mapping and surveying plus industrial automation.

Wide Field of View and High Frame Rate

The HDL-64E S3 provides both unprecedented and unmatched resolution and field of views to generate a wealth of data about the surrounding environment. It utilizes 64 LiDAR channels aligned from +2.0° to -24.9° for a vertical field of view of 26.9° and similar to the S2 model it delivers a real-time 360° horizontal field of view with its patented rotating head design. The rotation rate is user-selectable from 5 Hz to 20 Hz to enable the user to determine the density of data points generated by the LiDAR sensor. The HDL-64E S3 generates a point cloud of up to 2,200,000 points per second with a range of up to 120 m. The HDL-64E S3 is designed to operate over a wide temperature range (-10°C to +60°C) and challenging environments to support diverse operating conditions and applications.


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